Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Structuring a Work-from-Home ~ Office/Studio

Order...Ayn Rand preferred it over routine.

Who doesn't know r-o-u-t-i-n-e these days when we're washing our hands every five minutes to the tune of:
Happy B'Day... including the verse:
"And many M-O-R-E" no less!

Perhaps, today that buzzword should be changed to Structure. It's probably a good thing N-O-T to be doing anything routine nowadays if you're operating a home studio/office. Not an easy task particularly when the landscape has changed by most estimates to less than 85 percent of what it used to be. Do you watch that behavior maybe tinker with it a little with an eye on designing a work flow. What kinda work flow? Dribs & drabs, only to change back with a healthier economy in a few months as a result of a managed pandemic. Hey what if it's more than a few months though. How do we literally work around that set up.

Well, working remotely for 20 years should account for something. But this is a whole new
dynamic (yep, we got one in there) that we're dealin with. That's why it's called relief.

If people aren't supposed to be doing business where crowds would in-densify, then we are soon gonna be outta business. The wife points out that no one likes to be lectured to. So, watch the inclination to move around the way your work day behaves. Making it up as it develops, even planning some strategy could all be for naught. But, could this be the continuation of the New Norm we're all gonna have to get used to.

Does that mean the New Norm will be a greater acceptance for more & more work from home? More & more Skype and Zoom sessions and such. Plus, not only will it be better for us humans, but it'll continue to make the air cleaner and less tax on major systems. Ah Oh. How's that gonna change things. Something suggests Not for the Better. BTW, we haven't heard a jet overhead in a while now. Holy Shit...we've turned into Socialists!!

So, in true R. Lee Ermey form; "Show me that you got a Pair" no no, that's not it. Here it is "Alright you maggots it's time for some discipline". No hangin out in our pajamas just because we can Skype with a dickie on. I want clean pits...teeth brushed. And no porn. Perhaps a regiment of Die Hard movies for the flow factor, but absolutely no Love Actually or Notting Hill.

Here's 20 years of working from home in a nutshell. Always be a few steps ahead of what you're doing today. 'Cause if you ain't, you're gonna have less to do tomorrow. Placing paths back to the factory. Bread crumbin it anyway you can. Cook once/Eat many.

There is no plan. But, if you have structure and stick to it to carry you through a day..a week...or an entire career, it could be the framework that's needed to be creative, productive and maintain a certainty of business flow into a daily schedule of work habits and strengths.


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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Time to Feel (and Hear) the B-E-R-N

"Hi, got a small favor to ask".

No matter where you stand on Bernie Sanders, one thing's for sure. He's a character...and as of this writing the Democratic front-runner. Granted some of his proposals are out there and he's a little quirky. Makes him a fun character to have some fun with...particularly, since this BLOG time slot was dedicated to another project, one that's in the can, but has been asked to be placed on the back burner.

What's that, does Bernie have a moniker, tag line per se? Well, just like the guy who said the 'rents too damn high', Bernie's could be: "I'm sick & tired". Bernie had a cardiac episode back in early October.

He's been asked about it. And apparently it was all due to a few disagreeable tacos...

Check out his newest campaign video if TC & Co were his creative agency (below).

Click to Play

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Tom Clifford`vo goes to the Super Bowl (regional)

Here it is...Super Bowl LIV bearing down mightily on us this Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. Where a 30 second spot is going for 'just' $ 5.6 million.

And Tommy Boy will be in the Super Bowl mix with Fantastic Plastic's championship season roll-out of the 'Winnie-the-Pooh' character for Damson's auto dealerships TV spots throughout the south east.

It started late in the season with a call asking if it were possible to reprise the 'Winnie-the-Pooh' character for short television tags on spots for Damson's auto group, a major auto dealership in the southeast. Then it was explained that it would have to be in time for the spots to be added to the roster for this years Super Bowl! 

Click to play original/May TV spot

The ID's were a series of (5) second tag lines that reinforced Damson's message with cute Winnie-the-Pooh rythmic style like 'Want new wheels...You won't haggle for deals'. We established the cadence back in May of 2019. The client and agency wanted it a certain way and made an audio scratch track with the meter they wanted. It was a bit different from the "Sam I Am" Dr. Seuss cadence we followed in May because of the five second limit on tag length.
Click to Play TV tags

by:+Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services   
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