Wednesday, December 30, 2020

TC & Co 's Year End Round-Up for 2020


Wow! What a change form last year at this time..."It's been quite a year for voice-over & production. There was a good amount of rekindling proved to be an excellent timing thing ...The Tv & radio spots came in as well from next door and as far away as Jordan ...with plenty of opportunity to create new characters with a bit of dusting off of the Pooh Bear as well".  

This year, with its constant dousing of Bizarro-World reality, turned into a complete opposite of last years land-of-plenty. With a big ZiP for this years plenty; workloads, opportunities and ways of trying to make ends meet were for the record books! Due ostensibly to COVID-19 and any real-world plan for treating, tracing or dealing with the economic impact of what the virus has levied. 

We're hoping the Biden team will tie up some loose ends with the admin of the vaccination process. Do the work on the details. Especially, if citizens need to get a 2nd and possibly 3rd booster shot to tame the spread. After all, it's getting a bit old working like we did this year for what amounts to be pro bono rates. Regardless, we tried keeping the creative juices flowing during the year. It helped with the centering too. Years end started to look promising with a few nibbles. Things felt like they could be headed towards some sort of normalcy, albeit adding the New part.

Here's a look back on the year's highlights -

And Tommy Boy was on the Super Bowl back in least in some part of the country.  Geez, does that feel like a long time ago. Will there even be a Super-Bowl this season? Back to the New Normal...we were part of the mix with Fantastic Plastic's (Ad Age) Championship season roll-out of the 'Winnie-the-Pooh' character for their auto dealership Damson's Auto. The TV spots appeared throughout the south east. They did a second batch of the character doing tags. 

( Click to Play Tv Spot )

No matter where you stand on Bernie Sanders, one thing's for sure, he's a character. And as of Feb. 27th, the Democratic front-runner. Being a little quirky makes him a fun character to have fun with. Particularly, since this BLOG time slot was dedicated to another project.

What's that, does Bernie have a signature tag line per se? Well, just like the guy who said; 'The rents too damn high', Bernie's could be: "I'm sick & tired". 

Bernie had a cardiac episode back in early October. He's been asked about it. And apparently it was all due to a few disagreeable tacos...

Check out his newest campaign video if TC & Co were his creative agency (Click to Play Parody Video

Just this last year alone was a whirl-wind of craziness. From nuking hurricanes with Sharpies to Miracle Cures for the COVID-19 Virus that began with Lysol. It had gotten to a long overdue point that Dr. Emmett Brown had to be summoned-up to finally get a hold on the situation... as he wonders if Jerry Lewis wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all. Great Scott for Operation Warp-Speed (Click to play video)

Enter Purfresh, the only company in the world that combines the ability to generate ozone for perishables during their ocean voyage with real-time satellite and GSM monitoring of the internal container environment. We were auditioned to do an English accent voice-over to lend a more sophisticated edge to the copy. Check out the various differences with American Vs. English accents. (Click to Play Video)

The Haunt Season started this year with an excited email from the client in early September, about a month or so later than our usual start.
They were cautiously elated to hear that their Louisiana governor had moved them into a Phase (III) order of Coronavirus restrictions for opening this season. A season they didn't think would happen. After all, these folks have several theme parks that are happening during the Halloween season and they all needed to have their advertising updated.  (Click to Play Video)

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Monday, November 30, 2020

Screen Actors Guild selects their Nominating Committee Team

The 27th Annual SAG Awards Motion Picture Nominating Committee has been selected to nominate this years fine crop of award contenders. Also, please take note of the new award date for this years award presentations - March 14, 2021. They're usually held in mid or late January on the TNT & TBS Networks.
They'll be tons of movies to watch and vote on! Could be that there's also some sort of cachet to being a nominating committee member. Or at least that's what my Hollywood pal - Stefan Nadelman expressed. Truth be told, SAG members only get one shot (in an 8 yr. span) at being a Nominating Committee member and then it's on to another deserving member.

For some years now, I've been a selected SAG member voting for SAG nominated films. Always taking that responsibility seriously...and voted each and every year. In order to judge outstanding motion picture performances of the year, the studios and networks provide SAG Nominating Committee Members with the latest viewing options much sooner. Screeners as they are known, are movie and network series links to the latest released films and episodic series for preview. Committee Members are asked to select nominees for Outstanding performances in categories ranging from Actor in a leading role to Stunt ensemble.

And for all the movies that are to be judged, the networks supply premiere film show times via digital streaming on the likes of: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. It used to be wait for the DVD's to go thru our mail slots. So, for its Committee Members, it's Movie Night every night.

Voting for the Screen Actors Guild Awards® is done in two stages. The first, nominations balloting;
is voted on by two nominating committees – one for Motion Pictures and one for Television.
These nominating committees are newly selected each year from active SAG-AFTRA
members who have not served previously in the past 8 years.
This is a different year. And there is a difference sans an audience of how a movie is perceived. I've watched my share and then some of mainstream and avant-garde movies to recognize why an acting presence is captivating...even if sometimes we don't notice first time round. 
Watched quite a few movies this year. There have been a few that are needy. By and large though, most did a good job vying for ears & eyeballs. And then there are the obvious award contenders. This could be the year for CHESS with the popularity of the series: The Queen's Gambit and a new movie up for nomination called: Critical Thinking with John Leguizamo. Based on a true story to contain all the elements for consideration with a feel-good "we're gonna win one for the Gipper" screenplay. Everyone shines in their performances.
And then there are some Indy gems that are intriguing or quirky. So far, the one film standout in that category could be: The Assistant a Sundance favorite. And without giving too much away to spoiler it, the plot was about First One In...Last One to Leave and the events in between in a toxic work culture...especially for women. Julia Garner has got a nifty resting face as Sebastian would say. She sports a pensive Renaissance smile throughout much of the film and said: "it's a very quite film, but the subject is very loud".

And this months video sponsored by a random Rod Serling meme:

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

This Election - No One Owns Your Vote

It's been a month full of October surprises. Yet, for some reason, the 'powers that be' are still lookin for an emblematic one. The month started off with presidential Covid-interuptus, segueing into back-to-back rally's immediately afterward. Then there were Presidential & Vice Presidential debates. Where Mike Pence and his fly-on-the-head could prove to be his; Dan Quayle, Howard Dean and let's not forget the Mike Dukakis, moment. And where Donald Trump had his moment with "will the real Abe Lincoln please stand up" in true What's My Line style!

During all this I had received the call to participate in a Lincoln Project opportunity with old friend and movie title sequencer, documentarian, music composer and pretty cool dude: Stefan Nadelman, from “Terminal Bar” fame. He's been blazzin a distinctive trail ever since. Check 'em out at: Tourist Pictures

Also, Stefan can be found on the production staff of Showtime’s documentary film on the life of John Belushi this November 22nd. Stefan is their graphics guy and you can catch an eyeful of his work on the trailer at: “BELUSHI”.

This time he wanted me to join forces for something unique as a Trump eye-opener and lend Biden support. He figured with my voice specialties we could come up with that tone of urgency and historical concern. Ah huh. Well, we turned in a few things and then Trump got sick and the Biden team wanted to ease up on any negative marketing. Any submissions otherwise, was seen as a hindrance to the cause. It needed to be seen as an Arsenal of Democracy.

So, why not with a little reality/surreality comparison association. Yeah, that's the ticket...maybe. And why not with a surreal movie character some 40 years ago named: Greg Stillson from the movie  “The Dead Zone” .

Remember Greg Stillson…let’s at least have some fun while making a point. Hopefully, with an impact that’s right between the eyes with a reality check - that we don’t need any more time to figure out whether it’s life imitating art or the other way around.
We would just like to change the channel, please. Spoiler alert, we’ve already seen the ending.

OK, that takes care of the script. What about voice-over delivery and music to underscore all this and make it demonstrative…but not preachy. Wait-a-minute, why not preachy? Real preachy. And whom better than Walter Cronkite, America’s Most Trusted Voice in TV History to preach some truth. 

Walter's sound-a-like voice was put alongside a music bed of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”. Gives the medium and message a little more impact. Maybe it’ll reach out to those suburban housewives Trump wants to carry in his pocket like so many nickles & dimes. Perhaps even gesturing a nod to the nomination and appointment over Amy Coney Bartlett, as Supreme Court Justice. Or to anyone who thinks their vote is owned & counted by none other than themselves...Electoral College notwithstanding. 

Check out the preliminary work-in-progress video. 60 seconds of slide graphic dissolves hoping to entertain while making a point with a bit of parody and a tad of tongue and cheekiness.

Click to view video.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Shocking Times demand Shocking Results this Halloween Season w/TC & Company


Tired of being quarantined at home? Ready to take out your frustrations on virus infected living dead? Come get some at The Mortuary...This is how the Mortuary is touting their latest event - Rift Wars.

And we're ready to blast away those words with 'The Creepy-Guy' voice once again even thought it didn't look too promising during these days of C-O-V-I-D.

It started this year with an excited email from the client in early September, about a month or so later than our usual start. They were cautiously elated to hear that the Louisiana governor has moved them into a Phase (III) order of Coronavirus restrictions for opening this season. A season they didn't think would happen. After all, these folks have several theme parks that are happening during the Halloween season and they all needed to have their advertising updated. Scout Island, Mystere Escape Rooms, the Spooktacular Theater and the Pharaoh's Fury are all part of their event venues.  
Half a dozen scripts and a lozenge or two later, the spots are finally getting aired on regional Tv & Radio. They called for the Creepy-Guy Voice and a burgeoning Drill Sgt. voice to promote and take part in the Zombie Slayer Strike Force event venue. Here's some of the text below along with links to the television and radio spots.   

With a new COVID plan, RESERVE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW For your Ticket To Fight the Creatures of the Night!

An interactive, live combat shootout through the darkest bowels of The Mortuary! It’s a live action survival experience thrusting you into our un-dead battleground (with laser rifle in hand) clearing the infected where the un-dead thrive. Join the Army-of-Boom only at The Mortuary in NOLA.

Here are the links to the 15 second & 30 second versions of the Rift Wars and  Zombie Slayer Strike Force spots. Just click the red text to play videos.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Purfresh Rolls-Out Company Image with Tom Clifford as Signature Voice

Hey, ever hear of shipping Container Atmosphere control? Well, we've all seen those monster-tainers being lifted onto and off platforms and ships. Guess what's in 'em? Cars, tv's, clothes and anything from abroad...including fruits & vegetables. If you want them to stay fresh they need an entirely comfortable atmosphere to survive their sometimes long journeys. 

Enter Purfresh, the only company in the world that combines the ability to generate ozone for the entire duration of the ocean voyage with real-time satellite and GSM monitoring of the internal container environment. We were auditioned to do an English accent voice-over to lend a more sophisticated edge to the copy. The process called for a few topical changes to include Corona virus as it had become more of a concern and an added benefit of exclusivity in the marketplace. It was an extra benefit to be the voice of their website.

The Rub: The Controlled Atmosphere System with ozone, delays ripening of commodities; and ozone’s chemical reduction properties make the fruit safer to eat, by reducing pesticide fungicide residue. In addition, the pathogen eradicating properties of ozone, slows down decay and mold growth, further extending the retail shelf-life of fresh produce. What’s more, it also reduces the risk of contamination from harmful pathogens like e coli and corona viruses by up to 99%. 

Click to view video on Utube or as a Web-Opener


Speaking of controlled atmosphere's, as the (4-day virtual/podium/recorded) RNC came to a close this past Thursday with our President's 70 minute acceptance speech and all the hoopla & spectacle that surrounded the last night, we feature a video that's a flash-from-the-past of another Republican.

Check out a cool rendition (below) of Ron Reagan singing 'Happy Days' in tribute to his last State of the Union address in 1988. I was called in to do political voice sound-a-likes for NBC's Sunday Today Show. Each Sunday they featured a political animated cartoon (Mike Peters/Reagan) from one of the country's leading newspaper cartoonists. The static cartoon was jazzed up with a minimum of animation, some sound effects, music and my imitation of the cartoonists text. We wound up with a cartoon that lent an overall disposition of the political climate for the week. It aired the day before his speech on Sunday January 24th. It's introduced by Maria Shriver, one of the show's hosts along with Garrick Utley. 

Below, is taken off 'AIR' featuring the views of Mike Peters, of the Dayton Daily News towards President Reagan's performance in office. We did a notable cartoonist for quite a few shows. This was one of the coolest gigs I had, thinking back. I was voicing for the likes of: Doug Marlette, Gahan Wilson, Paul Conrad, Tony Auth, Don Wright, Szep, Oliphant, MacNelly and the list goes on.

There's no denying the similarities between Reagan and the present 'Powers that be' in that they are and were hoping very strongly...whether We-the-People bought their brand of entertainment or not?

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine - Alien DNA - Election Delay...Time for Dr. Emmett Brown

No matter where you stand on the "Isle" of politics these days, there's little doubt that within the last few weeks...days even, the word 'unbelievable' is at the top of everyone's shit-O-meter!

Just this year alone it was a whirl-wind of craziness. Riding on the tail of last years: Nuking hurricanes with sharpies outlining its path to pushing the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine and pumping disinfectant into Pandemic victims veins as miracle cures with claims of not counting virus victims means less actual victims.

Together, with fake news conferences with crazy front-line doctors spouting Covid-19 victims 'cured' with alien DNA, no need for mask wearing and proffering the delay of the November Elections!

It's to the point that seems long over due, that we bring out Dr. Emmett Brown to finally get a hold on the situation as he wonders if Jerry Lewis wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all.

Click to Play Video 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pandering to the Pandemic...finally !

Just when you thought the C-One-Niner pandemic was headin for the last's becoming clear that with more and more state re-openings, a resurgence of outbreaks are flaring up around the country. This seems to be in large part a result of not having any federal or national plan in effect to reopen in concert or with any coherent standard of reopening protocol. Not to mention, the apparent partisan splintering with mask-wearing as one of the factors in virus transmission.

I know it ain't just me, 'cause according to 100 year old pictures of the Spanish Flu...people are wearing protective masks even then to insulate themselves from the infection. So why wouldn't it be a No-Brainer for our politicians to wear-a-mask and lead by example to do the same. Strategists say - it's because they ain't leading! I thought the object of the game was to get back to normal...the new normal if that's the case. Get back to work. Put partisan politics on the back burner, at least temporarily, while the business at hand can begin. Though lately and keeping the aforementioned in mind, it's by no means only one party or candidate's supporters who are failing to respect appropriate mask-wearing norms and mandates.

Flattening the curve and thinking up new & improved ways to do so should be the order of the day or so it should seem for; An Early Clue to a New Direction!

I'll say one thing, I'm grateful to be healthy, along with the fam and the overall lot of us. We're safe and secure and hopeful. Sure, working regular would be grand and oh, those terrible, awful, unsightly masks (gee willikers). But, it's all relative, ain't it. Just asked some folks Beyond-the-Pond what's been shakin over there. They're pretty dire. Things are getting scarce. I'll say a prayer that maybe an aids package from our nation will make its way to our ally.

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