Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tribute to Don Rickles...Celebrity DeathMatch style

MTV's Celebrity DeathMatch series was a staple for wild & wacky fun between 1998 to 2007. It was a late night venture that featured a novel animated approch with it's 'Claymation' animated figures. In a mock-like Madison Square Garden boxing ring arena, filled with blood thirsty spectators, they'd pit celebrities duking it out (to-the-death) with two play-by-play claymation announcers... AND a recurring claymation referee complete with the actual voice of Mills Lane (the famous World-Boxing referee). Here's the IMDb link to the series page: IMDb Celebrity DeathMatch Page

Between two agents, I was racking up some nice credits on the show voicing the likes of Charlton Heston, Nick Nolte, Chris Tucker, Sammo Hong, Teddy Roosevelt, Emeril Lagasse and Rodney Dangerfield who was pitted against a feisty Don Rickles! Sorry-to-say that Rodney got the drop on Rickles after he exhausted himself with a tirade of one liners!

I was a big fan of Mr Rickles for many years. When I turned the script to the last few pages to find out that I (Rodney) won the match, I was genuinely bummed. But, Rodney was still pissed about Don running out on the check at a Friar's Club luncheon some years back. The last scene had pieces of Don Rickles on a BBQ spit to signify he was thoroughly roasted...a bit overdone for the man also know as - Mr. Warmth!

Here are some links to various websites and Google Search that have fan clubs and episode info on Celebrity DeathMatch:

Google MTV DeathMatch page 

Here's the episode in small box version:


Friday, February 3, 2017

Word's out about Tommy 'C' over at Futurama-App's

Had a nice surprise during the week with a telephone call from 'Casting' over at Futurama.
They gave me a shot at layin down some lines of BENDER for their mobile app. Talk about being on-call all the time...and being able to produce

Well, it was quite a bit after hours when the call came on Wed. You know, the middle of the week and all. Mighta had a therapeutical cocktail or two in line with Mid-Week 'Bender-ing'. So, I was primed and ready-to-go in character, as it were. 

I was included with some mighty fine actors and the pay-off was generous. The call was for 'Dead-On' and due ASAP. Files went back & forth. A request for another batch was recorded. Even threw in a safety. We'll have to let the files speak for themselves and see what develops. Film at 11:00.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TC goes IMDb full Throttle

It's time for an IMDb update to the P-A-S-T...and Present

With the SEO garnered from IMDb's social presence these days, their site is reason enough to treat membership with the respect it deserves. With a 30% discount to members of SAG/AFTRA, there's no better time to put together a Credits List on IMDb. Am looking forward to posting some Family Guy credits soon to follow.

I've always been a hoarder of stuff, especially when it came to "the work".
It's a new year and it's high-time to put the 'work' in some sort of order. Man, and it's a job!
I mean, yes I have the stuff needed...but, to be able to put my hands on it and have it act as an archive document...Geez, I wasn't so sure. Half the battle is finding the doc's and then trying to make sense of it to be used as proof. Sometimes, it's not just a matter of having a copy of the script or even a video copy of a show with actor credits at the end. Actual script numbers and air dates are essentials. So, I had to dig in certain instances. Also, IMDb's 'help' section can be a bit of a learning curve. But, there are people on the other side of an 'auto response' email where I received one-on-one assistance.

So, between getting work and finding the 'work', I have finally gotten my soap opera credits (almost all) listed on that section of IMDb. I had played many characters that you don't see, just hear on the ABC DayTime show "Loving" in the 1990's. And had a recurring role as:

'Sturgeon' the doorman (heard, not seen). Did about 20 episodes...including, Motel operator, Jack's voice, taxi dispatcher, car radio announcer and grunting as King Kong! BTW, this was the only comic relief character on DayTime soap opera-dum at the time! IMDb only listed "Jack's voice" so far, but the links there to get the complete list.

When I can get my head above water from my incessant (he he) work-load, will take a stab at getting the credits for NBC Sunday Today's (Political Cartoons) posted. They include
imitation voicing to the likes of: Oliphant, Peters, Zepp, Wright, Marlette, Auth and Gahan Wilson to name a few.

Then, it's on to getting the -
MTV's Celebrity Death Matches
listed. Here's 'The Donald' I did
against Don King.


Monday, December 26, 2016

As the year comes to a close...what have we learned, earned...and never Burned

As the year is coming to an end...
you look back and try to digest, celebrate...even project maybe.

It was a good year even though there was a bit of compromise and learning curve with the flipping of those 'you-gotta-be-kiddin-me' situations into positive opportunities. Doing a Spock mind-meld sorta helped with the reversal. 'Please sir or madame, may I have another' is the anthem. In other words, even tho you might feel you've given away the store already, offer m-o-r-e and see what develops. People pay a lot of money for our service. Product, to some can be measured as a mere mp3 intangible. A willingness to give more without lessening your 'value' puts you into a new frame of mind and can have a cathartic effect. It also avoids any semblance of bridge burning! You've done everything you could possibly do...and then some. I felt better for not having the "dwell" factor. And sometimes you get the real skinny if there was a situation in the first place. Life must be bright and bubbling with cham-pag-nee, don't you think? (Love Affair's, Irene Dunne thinks so anyway).

So, from now on, I'm trying to be more perceptive to any question of what's expected or if there's something a bit off kilter. Then, effort to put it back on the table and make clear. All-in-all, it was a respectable year...for a multi-disciplinarian (phrase-of-the-year).

Got a national voice-over gig with Axial RC Yeti Trophy Truck vehicles airing on CBS Sports Network... which was a flip from almost nothing to full union scale. Axial, is a stand-up company and towers over their 1/10th sized vehicles with Full-Sized integrity.

Did more VoIP programs than ever and had the good fortune of producing a few with the FaBo- September Day Carter...

Continued regional & local spots for the haunt industry ala The Scary Voice for the likes of; The Mortuary, in New Orleans, Louisiana and Canobie Lake Park's ScreemFest, in Salem, New Hampshire.

Got a bit of Xtra SEO with the use of a vintage Celebrity Death-Match episode I did of Donald Trump back in the '90's. The Donald went toe-to-toe with CNN's Megyn Kelly after opting out of the latest presidential debate almost a year ago. The Celeb Death episode has The Donald pitted against Don King the fight promoter. My Don was OK with a half-way decent "You're Fired".

Top-it-off with the best for last - With the Family Guy's producer come-a-knockin in August. Did a back-up for a six worded Denis Leary line. Been a little quiet for any residual work and played it cool with the follow-up nagging...tho, might be a good time for a little year-end reach out. 

Take a scroll down and see for yourself the posts and links to all the years work.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Mortuary Scares-Up Shocking Results with Tom Clifford for their 10th Anniversary

That time of year again for the Scary-Voice. This time, it's down southern way for The Mortuary. Where they again have put that signature Scary-Voice to good use for their 10th year Anniversary and Coca~Cola's Fanta tie-in campaign.

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana has been the fright venue for many creepy experiences; The Paraplex, Cirque De Fear, Zombie Outbreak, The Mystere Escape Rooms, Se7en Deadly Sins and is by far one-of-the-most thrill packed haunt venues in the country. Now, they're pullin out all the stops with their 10th year anniversary Tv campaign. Taken all in good fun, there's lots of room to go over the top to the point of the ridiculous...and audiences sometimes don't know whether to s-c-r-e-a-m or laugh their heads off. But, watch out...or it could catch you off guard!                           Click to Play Spot


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oscar Brand's "Fun & Games" Front & Center this Election Season upon his Passing

As I'm listening to WNYC the NPR affiliate in New York, this morning, it was announced that one of their alum, Oscar Brand has passed away at age 96, on Friday 9/30/16. WNYC, will be doing special tributes to him throughout the day. Mr Brand has had a show (Folk Song Festival) on NPR as far back as 1945.
He also maintains honors from the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's longest-running radio show with the same host.

As a matter of fact, when Oscar started his shows, announcers always introduced him as "WNYC's shoeless troubadour." It's rumored that Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch was named after him! Take that Bert & Ernie who owe their namesakes to characters in "It's A Wonderful Life"!

I had the pleasure of meeting & working with Mr. Brand in the early eighties.
Oscar had authored a little known play, Fun & Games, that was inspired from 'outtakes' from "How to Steal an Election" which was sub-titled "A Dirty Politics Musical" with score & music by Oscar Brand. To the right, is a pic from the article about the play, its author and cast, that appeared in the Sunday New York Times on June 24th, 1984. That's bearded Dave Van Ronk, the folk legend (pictured left) with Oscar Brand (on the right).

I had the good fortune to be cast In Fun & Games as political voice for such politicians as: FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan and Lincoln. This was a script-in-hand showcase production and received full Equity code support.

It just happens that Fun & a smart and timely story about a political campaign manager (the Fallen Angel - Dave Van Ronk) who has been steadily degrading the political process for two centuries. For the latest election he tries much of the same but with (2) of the worst possible candidate choices in election history (I sh-- you not). Well, the voters revolt and send Dave back to heaven with instructions to bring back Abe Lincoln. These days there'd be little resistance to maybe having Mary come down.

There's 17 musical numbers that were performed. A revisit of some 32 years later doesn't hurt the charm of this neat little yarn. Very proud to have had the pleasure of performing with other talented actors & singers and be able to work with some of music's legacy's.

As an extra treat, Oscar had sent a quick note of appreciation to me and had called about another show he and his company was staging. He was constantly on my case to stop smoking. I think he'd be glad to know that I did...many times since Reagan, Bush, Gore, Perot, Clinton and Trump. 1984 had quite a few similarities with today's line up of candidates. The Republicans had Reagan & Bush. And the Dems had Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro (as the 1st woman VP running mate).  

Here's a bit of info on Dave. David Kenneth Ritz "Dave" Van Ronk was an American folk singer. An important figure in the American folk music revival and New York City's Greenwich Village scene in the 1960s, he was nicknamed the "Mayor of MacDougal Street".
Died: February 10, 2002, New York City, NY

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Hampshire is Scaring Up some Shocking Results with Tom Clifford

Once again it's creepy voice time for Canobie Lake Park's  Halloween Season as it creeps along with an even earlier start this year. They've got a series of radio spots that need that distinctive creepy sound as the season's window has again been about 6 weeks, eclipsing the Yuletide season.


This is our seventh year together as Canobie's Family Theme Park rocks into another season with their ScreemFest venue of Horror! And we're still the voice of choice, that will be sandwiched between Female/Male announcers. After 7 years you're sorta obliged to maintain the consistency of 2009's original. One of the ways I help that along is to lift portions (that never change - name, address, etc.) of my original and early succeeding voices, onto the new voice track. If the newer takes don't measure-up (seamless, side-by-side) you know you'll have to redo. 


The agency on record is Collage Advertising and they were good enuf to supply the final mix sound track of the finished (60 second) spot. I then put together a 'Quick Cut' video with Canobie website slides, an edited (re-mixed 30 second) sound track and voila...a 30 second V-I-D-E-O spot - where all your uploads will catch that Xtra SEO. Because now as a video as opposed to an audio Mp3, it can be Titled, Described and Tagged within your Blog, Utube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, etc. posts.