Sunday, January 18, 2015

SAG - Screan Actors Guild Awards - Member voting countdown is On!

As a select Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member who receives DVD's and Streaming videos for voter consideration - this time of year becomes Movie Night every night it seems...compliments of SAG! 

The countdown is On as another years Sag Awards loams ahead. Hunkering down to watch and vote for about 15 of this years nominated performances. The Guild will tally votes by Noon, January 23rd, 2015.


Just about a week into the year the landslide of DVD's start arriving at the door or Film streamer links are in our emails. 


The studios & networks have provided different options for members to view their Award-nominated projects. These include DVD's , digital streaming, free iTunes downloads, brick & mortar on-site screenings and Movie Cash. iTunes is the marquee of choice for streaming films. Some take a while to download and require a good sense of computing to work the ID's and secret PIN numbers. And some seem to be fired-up and ready to play right outta the gate! We download them onto our laptop and simply connect the HDMI patch into the big screen TV and watch them precisely as if they were DVD's. And you can re-visit them again and again till they expire. They're actually in a way 'squatting' on each members computer till a magical beam goes out just before the SAG Awards begin and deletes them from each members computer. Someone say - Big Brother.

It starts to get intense the week before they broadcast the SAG Awards. These little 5" x 5" DVD squares sent through Snail mail are arriving two at a time. Sag just introduced 5 more new digital streamers. It gets to the point that some days you can't remember which one was watched or anything about it. So, early in the process remarks are jotted about the SAG performances before early dementia sets in. And we take particular pride knowing that our vote is being counted. Feel like we're part of the A-list...till the next morning where it's time to make the Bagels...again.

By: +Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services