Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Axial... Keeps-On-Truckin on CBS Sports Network with Tom Clifford as VoiceOver

Here comes the second wave of Axial RC Truck spots to hit CBS Sports Network with this Sunday's coverage of the San Felipe 250 race. I had voiced their initial television campaign back in November of 2015 with the Baja 1000 race. It's always a nice pat-on-the-back when asked to stay on with the imaging.

The new spot features the best of - Trophy, Bomber, Deadbolt and Yeti Score Trucks slo-mo tail spinning, wheel spinning, jump spinning and just basically spinning Up..Down and all around. All with electric 4WD and at 1/10th scale.

We’ve always wanted to build a Trophy Truck®, but we first had to build a successful platform. For authenticity, it had to be solid rear axle versus the commonly accepted independent suspension all the way around. Some would consider this “going backwards.” But Axial didn’t just accept what the establishment said was the only way, we wanted true scale looks with the functionality to match. When we delivered the Yeti™ Rock Racer with its IFS front end and solid rear axle, we knew then we had the key ingredients to deliver the vehicle of our dreams - our very own solid rear axle trophy truck!