Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tom Clifford is Scaring up some Shocking Results this Halloween Season.

It all started about 15 years ago with an outfit called Elswarro Films. They reached-out and asked if I could create a creepy-guy voice and as time went on, could I adjust it to go all out high energy and then sell the crap outta the incidentals of most Haunts around the country.

That being accomplished and with a client list that kept building on top of polished production content... all was right in The Haunt World. Then, the bottom fell out with Jason Swarr leaving the Haunt Industry to pursue a career in film making. Jason was great with forwarding all of his client contacts and even schooled me on some of their finer details. Made some new acquaintances and over the years cultivated some mutual relationships.

Fast forward ten years into the future and I've had some very good luck (not that I didn't work for it). Been able to maintain a presence on the eastern seaboard doing all sorts of voice characterizations as far up as New Hampshire & Massachusetts and as far south as New Orleans, LA. Year after year working regularly as the Creepy-Guy. The CG voice was fashioned in many ways after Tobin Bell's character: Jizzsaw from the Saw movie franchise. Here's how it all started: Kentucky Scream Park

Take a look what we're doing this year for Canobie Lake Park ScreeemFest: 
They have a regular theme park going throughout the year and do it up B-I-G for the Halloween Season. Last year we shifted from a buffer agent (Yeah, Sen. I used a buffer) direct to the actual ad agency. We're adjusting nicely this year. Of course it's always about the Grants.


The Kidz Zone below is where younger kids have fun at the Scout Island Halloween festival in NOLA. We're featured as the spaced-out voice of the Host character in the 'Boogie Spooktakular' an
animated cartoon musical adventure! Check it out at:
Boogie Spooktakular

What Scout Island liked on the audition mp3 was the playfulness of the host character. Kids are introduced to a silly bunch of characters like: Mumzy, Wolfi and Helga in a tone of wide-eyed amazement...and served up with a side of Pee Wee. These characters spook up that Halloween spirit and teach addictive dance moves to boogie down to. It also gives kids a chance to express themselves with other kids while having fun...safely.

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion Presents - The Cult Of 13 (below). It's a complete shift from wide-eyed la-de-dah to the Creepy-Guy voice. Turned up full throttle 'high energy' to scare-up some shocking results for 'Friday The 13th' believers & shakers!
The Mortuary took full advantage of this September's early calendar of Friday the 13th, with their Cult Of 13 attraction and began the Halloween Season early this year. 

Stretching this year's season to almost 7 weeks!

Here’s the opening line from this year’s video promo of the new
The Cult of 13 attraction at NOLA’s The Mortuary Haunted Mansion.

One of the greatest phobias known to man is the fear of Friday the 13th. You believe that something terrible is going to happen. You become paralyzed with fear and feel powerless to overcome FEAR, TERROR, PANIC. 

Dare to face your wildest nightmares! Experience Friday the 13th at The Mortuary Haunted Mansion.

Sorta gets you all creeped-out…or laughin your ass off. Check out the promo trailer for lots of
chills & thrills from — The VoiceOverGuy. 

This is probably not advisable viewing by younger audiences:  Play Spot

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