Thursday, October 31, 2019

TC & Co. has Got a Halloween Extravaganza

It's Halloween!
You'd think we would have the edge on how to celebrate the holiday...we've been talkin about since July. It's kind of a bit anti-climatic. Just got A 4 yr. old 'Gekko' knockin on the door...he gets M & M's plus a Snack Pak. That sorta did it!

Time to enjoy the holiday, I guess. Here are a few event attractions that are new and makin Halloween a little more spirit-immersive for today...Halloween! So, check out the Temple of Anibus. He's comin from the lagoon to exact some justice for disturbing King Tut's Tomb!   -   Pharaoh's Fury

Don't be lookin at this one after dark. Cripes, it'll give you the willies there would be such pandering to the lowest base of horror....Yeah Baby!

Stitch - is the worst mamacita of them all. And he uses that pyscho-weird stuff that gets a little too real and close to home - NOooo!

Careful what you click for!

 Here's to everyone's Halloween being a real shocker and win 1st prize for the bestest costume of the evening. If that's what you're goin for. Click for archive moments that'll put the Tobin in your Bell.

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