Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reagan's Knee-Jerk response to Protest Etiquette

Never one to be political...but, with all the heated polarization over football players kneeling during the national anthem and President Trump's jumping on the chance to set things patriotically straight with a flurry of over 30 tweets... it seemed like a reasonable time to interject a bit. 

After all, Trump was calling out football players - namely over the progenitor kneeler: Colin Kaepernick. All while Puerto Rican's, were currently reeling from the devastation left behind by hurricane Maria and there wasn't a word (tweeted or otherwise) about it from the Commander & Chief.

Enter, Ron (tear down that wall) Reagan with a Quick Cuts video to help provide a sense of humor and make some sense outta today's fray of bazaar weirdness.

On a similar patriotic note and a complete eye opener was the Oct. 2015 post by the Young Turks.

It's the story behind that iconoclastic protest photo of the 1968 Olympics (and perhaps one more insight into Olympic practices). Peter Norman, the Australian who finished and stood second in the Olympic periodic line, was responsible for Carlos & Smith sporting the "Black Hand" salute at ceremony time. He also stood strong with his convictions to shine a light on Australia's warped morality towards their indigenous natives. The above link is to a fascinating story that's wonderful, heart wrenching and Tinseltown should do its darnedest to full epic proportion.
After all, it'll be 50 years next year that it took place. You'd think it was about time.