Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Hampshire is Scaring Up some Shocking Results with Tom Clifford

Once again it's creepy voice time for Canobie Lake Park's  Halloween Season as it creeps along with an even earlier start this year. They've got a series of radio spots that need that distinctive creepy sound as the season's window has again been about 6 weeks, eclipsing the Yuletide season.


This is our seventh year together as Canobie's Family Theme Park rocks into another season with their ScreemFest venue of Horror! And we're still the voice of choice, that will be sandwiched between Female/Male announcers. After 7 years you're sorta obliged to maintain the consistency of 2009's original. One of the ways I help that along is to lift portions (that never change - name, address, etc.) of my original and early succeeding voices, onto the new voice track. If the newer takes don't measure-up (seamless, side-by-side) you know you'll have to redo. 

The agency on record is Collage Advertising and they were good enuf to supply the final mix sound track of the finished (60 second) spot. I then put together a 'Quick Cut' video with Canobie website slides, an edited (re-mixed 30 second) sound track and voila...a 30 second V-I-D-E-O spot - where all your uploads will catch that Xtra SEO. Because now as a video as opposed to an audio Mp3, it can be Titled, Described and Tagged within your Blog, Utube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, etc. posts.