Thursday, May 28, 2020

CoronaVirus - Civil Rights Protests - Making a Living

Entering month 'three' of the lock-down mandates that have been in effect since March 22, things are, or maybe I've just been hearing of late that they are... picking up. One things for sure, there are a lot more people walking and bicycling around.

Warmer weather aside, there's also a lot more people not wearing masks outside. It's still mandated here in New York. But only about 50% are wearing them around town. Go to a store and it gets weird. Everyone's got a mask on and it's a d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t world. People appear faceless, anonymous with muffled voices...if any voice at all. There's no denying the landscape has changed, especially with the noticeable 6 degrees apart everyone is when standing In-Line. To that end, can't help but feel a little like Dave Bowman in the final scenes of 2001. Every breath punctuated. Though, unsure why people are mask-wearin alone in the car!

Still figuring out how all this will affect how we effect jobs in the new norm. So now could be the time to post about a job done earlier. On standby for a sample link from the client to the video. In the midst of all the Pandem'onium, the call was for a newsman delivery for the Mid-East Diabetes Society. The focus was on the 'ABCD Initiative' which stands for the Ability to Beat and Control the Disease (diabetes). The theory is that healthier people are less susceptible to the illnesses...including virus'.

As I write this on the 28, there's a developing story of a man in Minn. who 3 days ago was killed by law enforcement which has caused an enormous outbreak of protest throughout the nation. Literally, shifting the Pandemic out of our daily consciousness. Demonstrations are occurring around the nation, nay - around the world. Yet, outside agitators in this country have infiltrated the protestors, who were initially peaceful, and set a different tone with rioting and buildings, stores and vehicles being set ablaze and store looting and violence propping up in 20 states and 40 major cities.

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