Tuesday, December 31, 2019

TC & Company's Year-End Round Up

2019 client review TC and Company

From regional VoIP companies to international tourism campaigns, it's been quite a year for voice overs & production. There was a good amount of rekindling of older VoIP clients or those who were in the dormant pile. What was there to lose...aside from a little time and a little dignity maybe. The odds were in our favor and it proved to be an excellent timing thing. To boot - all of them had graduated to the new 'Dash-Board' systems for easy email file uploads. The Tv & radio spots came in as well. From next door with radio and as far away as Jordan in the mid-east with TV. There was a lot of stretching creatively too. So, we had some fun, maybe even established some recurring roles. And then there was the Haunt Industry throwin all sorts of business our way this year. The Creepy-Guy voice was getting a work-out with plenty of opportunity to create new characters with a bit of dusting off of the Pooh Bear as well. Scroll on down for the complete skinny.

It all started 15 years ago with an outfit that specialized in Haunt-Indy media called, Elswarro Films. They reached-out and asked if I could create a creepy-guy voice that could go 'high energy' to include the incidentals of most Haunt venues around the country. To date, we've pretty much settled in the eastern 1/3 of the country - lending specialty voices to Haunts, Escape room & seasonal venues. Go to Post

Voiced a travelogue for Phenomena Advertising, Beirut, Lebanon. Still a bit daunting with 5,600 miles between us. They wanted to promote travel and tourism in the Mid-East regions like Abu Dhabi, the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan. The script called for two voices to weave the story-line along with the premise of taking off on a journey...complete with airline pilots narration at beginning & end: Go to Post

Got to be the MC in the NOLA film - Boogie Spooktakular. A spectacle of fun for the whole family with a cast of characters that inspire kids to have sing-a-longs and create their own fun amidst a safe scare-free environment. For the MC voice - Think a-bit-daffy with a dash of Pee Wee and a pinch of surfer-dude wonderment and Voila! Go to Post

From VoIP to radio. One of the perks of voicing company VoIP's is that you sometimes get to be cast in their radio & tv advertising, as is the case with Water Mill Building Supply radio campaign. This wasn't going to be a typical :60...insomuch as they had 223 words that needed to be fit into what is usually 160 words. All brought on by adding another client, located in another state with their own website & app that had to be mentioned. Go to Post
Fantastic Plastic Video & Film Production for a major Auto Group in the Southeast has chosen Tom Clifford as their character voice for their new TV ad campaign. Much like that of Winnie-the-Pooh, Tom conveys the warm & fuzzy sound of a mythic story-teller. Tried walking the audience through in rhythmic rhyme as the story unfolds with the turning of pages. This was a great vehicle for our character talents to shine and it came out like 'totally cool' man. Go to Post

After Tucker Carlson got in hot water in March with unearthed audio tapes it was a prime time to unearth an On-Cam Tv spot I did based on his early Sunday morning political show "Crossfire". I was cast as the Tucker Carlson element, right down to his bygone bow tie. Watch as I...or Tuck gets pummeled by none other than WWE's Kane the Destroyer!  Go to Post

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