Monday, April 29, 2019

Tom Clifford celebrates another 25 years voicing Oxford & Simpson's imaging

It leaves a body all warm & fuzzy to be re-cast as the voice of Oxford and Simpson for another 25 years. They're upgrading their VoIP on which we've been a regular fixture for 25 years. When it came time to load the voice imaging they didn't want any other voice but TC's !

Celebrating long term work anniversaries seem to be happening a lot lately. O & S and TC & Co's. association started in1994. Back then the technology was altogether different and in some ways, very much the same...go figure. Back then all the VoIP voicing was done onsite via a telephone hand-piece and physically coding and assigning the prompts to record and playback. When we went back this month to re-voice the new system, we still had to do it On-Site.

However the Day, Evening and Special greetings, menus and sub-menus were able to be done via prerecorded wave files from a  professional studio. There was a bit of a learning curve on this one regarding the sample rate with these newer "advanced" systems. We had a similar case in Atlanta we kept referencing. We were told verbatim that these advanced systems require very small wave files Kilobytes not Megabytes. (8k X 8 bit) to be precise. We were also steered towards this new app software to record the files. And guess what? Really crappy sound. But wait - didn't we see somewhere within the support pages that 16 bit was also acceptable. Let's try one and see if the Phone Co. accepts it. Yep! It worked and sounded 100 % more fidelious...and no one complained.

O & S has now moved into the hotel suite and hotel specialty design area. So, it's not just about 'Relocating Corp. America' but broader aspects of commercial aesthetics. Basically, 'curbside appeal' to optimize value for the corporate landlord.

We're happy and honored to be a part of Oxford & Simpson's next 25 years. We know all too well that a good deal has gone into getting folks to call a company. That first impression has to continue supporting the entire company image far into the future. We're grateful to be included...I'll tell ya, we're grateful to be anywhere...ya know what I mean! For-a-listen -

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