Friday, April 30, 2021

First One hundred Days...How's that Workin Out for You


The latest from the computer Blue Screen of Death is: It sucks tryin to get back to normal. However, everything IS much faster, almost to a debilitating extreme. Makin a lot of mistakes...including a couple of close permanent deletions. Oh, here's a 'get-you-outta-jail' card techy link from my good pal Bill P. The link shows step-by-step instruction of how to make a recovery drive or disc for when the BSOD pops up. It 's mainly for Windows-Ten, but it could work for earlier versions as well.

Otherwise, everything's just a bit different and ready to give a new app here, buy a new app there or manage entirely without a program one has relied on!

It's the simple little things, like scanner/printer needing constant updates from the mother ship. Older programs are chuggin along with a whole set of their own idiosyncrasies & challenges or they refuse to report for work. And there's Microsoft's continual reminding that my fully certified version of Office is heading towards obsolescence  'cause it ain't in the "clouds". And in the midst of all of it, Adobe decides that now is the time to do the EOL notice to their Flash program. Can't even get a digital sound card that offers the optical 'In' feature without a struggle for the right drivers. 

As Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilken's would say:  "I got Bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that"

Overseas, things are changing up over at the ad agency in Lebanon. The gal I work with and whom my daughter had visited before the pandemic, is moving on and getting married.  I've gotten the introductions to the rest of the team and there's already a client in the wings to read for.  



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