Wednesday, June 14, 2017

TC & Company's (Quick-Cuts) Business Video - has a Life Outside its Own

RDS an On-Hold & VoIP client, just re-did their print, website and telephony with the roll-out of their new business name. To butress those areas we turned to Quick Cut videos lik the one below. Simple video productions, sometimes no more than a fleshed out Poster Ad. Combine a graphic, graphics or video snippet with a voice-over and music mix ...or the same mix as the On-Hold program. Keeps everything contiguous. Videos are uploaded to the clients Utube channel and tagged with sugical acuity for maximum SEO benefit. The links are shared throughout social media sites and the synergy takes off...or so they say.

After all - Utube and Blogger are all part of the Google Family and...Hey, once it's in da Family, well, ya's gotta keeps it in da Family.
Might want to go so far as to make your video links using the URL shortener code page Google provides at: It also generates an all important QR (Quick Response) code generator and scan cube graphic. Plus, your account page keeps track of all the dates of your shorteners. AND, it'll show you the amount of clicks that were made under each shortened code.

It's all because you made a video. Once you name it, describe it and tag it, it has another life altogether of its own. It helps if the content ain't crud either! Click on the one below to see our attempt at company name reinforcing and directing viewers with an informative grass roots delivery.

FaceBook Business Page

516.488.8840 Office
516.448.9900 Mobile