Monday, November 30, 2020

Screen Actors Guild selects their Nominating Committee Team

The 27th Annual SAG Awards Motion Picture Nominating Committee has been selected to nominate this years fine crop of award contenders. Also, please take note of the new award date for this years award presentations - March 14, 2021. They're usually held in mid or late January on the TNT & TBS Networks.
They'll be tons of movies to watch and vote on! Could be that there's also some sort of cachet to being a nominating committee member. Or at least that's what my Hollywood pal - Stefan Nadelman expressed. Truth be told, SAG members only get one shot (in an 8 yr. span) at being a Nominating Committee member and then it's on to another deserving member.

For some years now, I've been a selected SAG member voting for SAG nominated films. Always taking that responsibility seriously...and voted each and every year. In order to judge outstanding motion picture performances of the year, the studios and networks provide SAG Nominating Committee Members with the latest viewing options much sooner. Screeners as they are known, are movie and network series links to the latest released films and episodic series for preview. Committee Members are asked to select nominees for Outstanding performances in categories ranging from Actor in a leading role to Stunt ensemble.

And for all the movies that are to be judged, the networks supply premiere film show times via digital streaming on the likes of: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. It used to be wait for the DVD's to go thru our mail slots. So, for its Committee Members, it's Movie Night every night.

Voting for the Screen Actors Guild Awards® is done in two stages. The first, nominations balloting;
is voted on by two nominating committees – one for Motion Pictures and one for Television.
These nominating committees are newly selected each year from active SAG-AFTRA
members who have not served previously in the past 8 years.
This is a different year. And there is a difference sans an audience of how a movie is perceived. I've watched my share and then some of mainstream and avant-garde movies to recognize why an acting presence is captivating...even if sometimes we don't notice first time round. 
Watched quite a few movies this year. There have been a few that are needy. By and large though, most did a good job vying for ears & eyeballs. And then there are the obvious award contenders. This could be the year for CHESS with the popularity of the series: The Queen's Gambit and a new movie up for nomination called: Critical Thinking with John Leguizamo. Based on a true story to contain all the elements for consideration with a feel-good "we're gonna win one for the Gipper" screenplay. Everyone shines in their performances.
And then there are some Indy gems that are intriguing or quirky. So far, the one film standout in that category could be: The Assistant a Sundance favorite. And without giving too much away to spoiler it, the plot was about First One In...Last One to Leave and the events in between in a toxic work culture...especially for women. Julia Garner has got a nifty resting face as Sebastian would say. She sports a pensive Renaissance smile throughout much of the film and said: "it's a very quite film, but the subject is very loud".

And this months video sponsored by a random Rod Serling meme:

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