Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Structuring a Work-from-Home ~ Office/Studio

Order...Ayn Rand preferred it over routine.

Who don't know r-o-u-t-i-n-e these days when we're washing our hands every five minutes to the tune of:
Happy B'Day... including the verse:
"And many M-O-R-E" no less!

Perhaps, that buzzword should be changed to Structure. Because it's probably N-O-T a good idea to be doing anything routine nowadays...whether operating a home studio/office or any other service-centric business. Not an easy task, particularly when the landscape has changed by most estimates to less than 85 percent of what it used to be.
(And it should be said: It's Only Temporary).

Like a lot of axioms lately, it appears that 'temporary' will have to be redefined. At first estimate, social distancing (and its economic impact) was to last till August. Then till Easter. Now it's definitely just till the end-of-April. Nobody's really sure for sure anymore, but there seems to be a general acceptance that they'll be some sort of social/economical change-up in May...right?

So, let's figure out a way to operate a successful business without access to customers for at least a month. Maybe try and artificially design some sort of work flow routine..order-of-the-day...a plan!

Working remotely for 10 or so years should account for something in this Work-from-Home only environment. Should energies virtual or not go towards the eventual 'start-up' mode of the economy after work mandates are lifted? Just heard from a doctor on NPR (Alabama-U) who had contracted covid-19, likened it to an experience to that of Ground Hog Day...for 14 days and especially agonizing nights. He thought it was a matter of How rather than When to return to normal speed.

But this is a whole new dynamic (yep, we got one in there). That's why it's called relief.
Welcome - to the New Landscape of Enterprise. Greet the day, do the usual checks of email/texts from overnights. Allow for some clerical and follow-ups and remember to get up outta the chair. Get a little distraction maybe prepare lunch.  Get active - cardio/Resp (or switch w/late afternoon). Lunch around 12:00 or so. Afternoon break to go for a quick walk or personal call (structured distraction). Parse out the best level of chi for greater good and productivity. Now how do we fill up the other parts of our day's schedule? Guess it would help the chi if we all could fall under the spell of a Spock Mind-Meld to distract from the stock market loosing as much as 36 % of its value during all this. Something still hasn't clicked. It's still not set-in-stone real. Just temporary, right. It hits you at night, when you can't do dinner out anymore... that's keepin' it real.

If people aren't supposed to be doing business then how do we make our work-day behave. Making it up as it develops, even planning some strategy could be nothing more than just therapy if not income generating. Be even better to be able to put our time & experience to benefit someone personally or professionally. Doesn't even need to be a pay off. Maybe we're talkin a whole new Call-to-Action model.

Does that mean the New Norm will shift acceptance for more & more work from home? More & more Skype and Zoom sessions and such. Actually, that sounds less 'structured' don't it? Don't forget the peripheral bonuses; better air for us humans (right in line with the 50 year anniversary of Earth Day in a few weeks), less noise and less tax on major systems. BTW, we haven't heard a jet overhead in a while now. Holy Shit...have we turned into Socialists!!

So, in true "Show me that you got three-of-a-kind" R. Lee Ermey form, we give you: The Drill Sgt s. morning Call-to-Action. No hangin out in our pajamas all day just because we can Skype with a dickie on. They'll be clean pits...teeth brushed. Perhaps, a regiment of Die Hard movies for the flow factor, but absolutely no Love Actually or Notting Hill".

But what about the more sensitive among us who'd enjoy a kinder, gentler way of greeting the day ...the Covid-19 way. So, for those who'd like the gentleness of Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood way of saying hello to a brand new Corona-Virus Day; here's another version!


After all it might just help remind us to get out of bed every morning. Breathe In & Out all day long. And after a while we won't need to remind ourselves to get out of bed while we think about how great and perfect we had it for a while (Sleepless in Seattle).

This could possibly work for a daily wake-up Call to Action program. At last...A Job!

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