Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Shocking Times demand Shocking Results this Halloween Season w/TC & Company


Tired of being quarantined at home? Ready to take out your frustrations on virus infected living dead? Come get some at The Mortuary...This is how the Mortuary is touting their latest event - Rift Wars.

And we're ready to blast away those words with 'The Creepy-Guy' voice once again even though it didn't look too promising during these days of C-O-V-I-D.

It started this year with an excited email from the client in early September, about a month or so later than our usual start. They were cautiously elated to hear that the Louisiana governor has moved them into a Phase (III) order of Coronavirus restrictions for opening this season. A season they didn't think would happen. After all, these folks have several theme parks that are happening during the Halloween season and they all needed to have their advertising updated. Scout Island, Mystere Escape Rooms, the Spooktacular Theater and the Pharaoh's Fury are all part of their event venues.  
Half a dozen scripts and a lozenge or two later, the spots are finally getting aired on regional Tv & Radio. They called for the Creepy-Guy Voice and a burgeoning Drill Sgt. voice to promote and take part in the Zombie Slayer Strike Force event venue. Here's some of the text below along with links to the television and radio spots.   

With a new COVID plan, RESERVE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW For your Ticket To Fight the Creatures of the Night!

An interactive, live combat shootout through the darkest bowels of The Mortuary! It’s a live action survival experience thrusting you into our un-dead battleground (with laser rifle in hand) clearing the infected where the un-dead thrive. Join the Army-of-Boom only at The Mortuary in NOLA.

Here are the links to the 15 second & 30 second versions of the Rift Wars and  Zombie Slayer Strike Force spots. Just click the red text to play videos.

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