Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tom Clifford is Creepin-things-out with the Mortuary's Se7en Deadly Sins Venue

Seven Demented Serial Killer's are featured in this domain with a similar premise to that of the movie "Se7en" with Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt. Each 'Deadly Sin' character is flavored with a distinctive unique scary voice that creeps you along this venue's experience. It wasn't easy after 4 or 5 voice changes to come up with different sounding demonic voices. Typically, it's the standard deep-ish-throaty quality that's associated with horror. But, there's only so many variations until it's repeat city. So, I dipped into some fiendish characters of yore with higher octaves like, Vincent Price & Peter Lorre and came up with a few menacing character voices.


The Mortuary Haunted Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana has been the fright venue for many creepy experiences; The Paraplex, Cirque De Fear, Zombie Outbreak and The Mystere Escape Rooms. But, their Se7en Deadly Sins venue is by far the most d-e-m-e-n-t-e-d! We also did an In-Line feature video (below) explaining each character to ticket holders while they wait to go into the event. Taken all in good fun, there's lots of room to go over the top to the point of the ridiculous...and audiences sometimes don't know whether to s-c-r-e-a-m or laugh their heads off (come here, my little piggy piggy piggy..snort..snort...snort). (Rated PG-14)