Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Irishman's - Pesci & finding Mr. Roger's voice

WoW, look at that. Wait around long enough and what's old is back on top. Case-in-Point, Joe Pesci's casting in The Irishman. Ya woulda daught his career was all but finished. So, great for him and could this also translate into more work for guys like us who do Joe. Better be ready. Time to start getting the dialogue and how he figures into the story-line. 
Also, just-in-time for Thanksgiving is the Mr. Rogers bi-op - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It stars Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers. Interestingly, Tom isn't really in-the-Neighborhood of Mister Rogers voice characteristics. Fred's not all that difficult to mimic. Keeping in mind to be kind tho, maybe it was a parody issue. Nonetheless, the reviews and interviews are glowing...just somewhat devoid of that simple omission that Fred Rogers is Tom Rogers. Which, can make it difficult to convince an up and coming director of a more accurate version...Can you say Alternate facts!

We all thought it might be openly sensitive to today's issues if we had Mista Rogers introduce Mr. Russell Bufalino to today's boys & girls. He's very much like other kids dads in that...he paints houses. Ya know, Buffa in Italian means - funny or clown. Let's see where it takes us for a few respectable laughs in Mr. B's abstracts.

Last year at Thanksgiving we had Pee Wee Herman up & running much the same way as this years re-surgencers. Pee Wee's Playhouse was marathon'ing over at IFC and we piggy-backed on that for a Thanksgiving ride of sorts with a video promo featuring Pee Wee.


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