Thursday, September 30, 2021

SteakBarSushi with a dash of Redd Pepper

The challenge was on. Was it possible? Could we carry it sound like the Movie Trailer Guy. Hummm.                Ah, gee - which one?

A link was provided for a sound-a-like voice close to that of: Red Pepper (the voice-over artist). We've all been listening to Redd for some time now, even if we all didn't know his name. He's Mr. Bottom of the voiceover industry. And there's a special work up that needs to be done in order to reach that level...for us mere mortals anyway. A lot of cigars and bourbon might do it. Or a good session of Wolfman Jack could get us close. But, was it organic enough.

The ad agency wanted that gravitas to bill-board the shots of the founder and CEO of the successful restaurant franchise: “STEAKBARSUSHI” . The copy was chocked full of text with esoteric and inspirational phrases like: "There are many mysteries on earth...the power to surrender to obsession"

Just short of doing a scene from Patton was the idea of combo'ing the WM Jack protocol with George C. Scott... then let the throat rest. And Voila, there's your bottom! Check out how close we came to Redd with our VoiceOver mix on the link up above or right here at the BAR . You'll feel much cooler afterward and maybe a little hungry.

Another blast from the Halloween past comes from the fine folks over at Canobie Lake Park, New Hampshire. They're putting the Creepy-Guy voice to shockingly good use again this Halloween.

Coining event names like; Screeemfest & Rocktoberfest, the park puts on an entire month filled, multi event Halloween season extravaganza - chock full with epic live shows, five haunted houses, scary hotel & weirded-out village sets, tribute rock bands, a ton of state-of-the-art thrill rides, 85 attractions, Castaway Island water park and a petting zoo! Fun for the entire family. Click to play spot: Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest

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