Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Family Guy comes knockin

Got a call from the casting director of the Family Guy last week and was asked to do a 6 worded line as Denis Leary.

Problem is...I don't do Denis well enough to include him in my repertoire. I mean, I'm constantly working out voices and he's one of 'em.

The line was; "I smoke, do you believe it". Simple right. Not really. 'Cause, it's sorta limited without some of his nuances. It also wasn't his signature ratta-tat-tat phrasing. Six words is hard enough to establish a character, let alone if you're wrestling with it.
But the casting director was so cool about all that. She liked my imitation demo and thought enough of it for me to give it a try. And she needed a safety in case the only other candidate didn't come through and I got lucky and nailed it. I appreciated the chance & confidence. Oh shit, oh shit, O'shit! Now I gotta produce...within the hour!

Had a lot of f-u-n puttin down a ton of possibles. Accenting different areas with & without sarcasm and sent in the usual; three takes in a row. The next day she asked for another set, only this time with a slower pace and deeper register.
Ok, I can do that.

Well, it's been a week now (in V/O chronology; six months) and haven't heard back yet. It's customary NOT to call to find out how one fared in an audition. Hey, if they want'll know it. Of course I did do the just-in-case-you-might-need-more-contact-info-for-the-future email. I included my cell number with an invite to text me anytime.

You can only hope that we made a good enough impression, in one way or another that I'll hear again from those - like, totally cool, most triumphant even - folks over at TFG!