Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miscommunication spawns new VO for Franklin Mutual Insurance

Been doing the voice for  FMI going on 2 years. When the agency came calling to do a TV voiceover for the insurance company they wanted to give me a guide and suppied a few YouTube videos as examples to go by. After receiving the VO takes the agency called and  wondered why I was veering from the continuity of my radio tone...the client loves your voice

Geez, I thought this was an audition and they wanted something more in line with the sound on the videos.

Well, the production co.came back after having the client had a listen and said they signed off on the first take. Saying that it still sounded like Tom's radio tone, but with just a bit more youthful lilt that was perfect for the TV.

So, it just goes to show, that a simple change-up from the normal everyday, regardless of how it came about, can have rewards. Will post link to spot when edited for release.

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