Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hey, you never know

In-A-World where you can be at two places at a time, it's still amazes me that a guy from N.Y. can do a scary voice for a firm in Arizona and somehow have it make its way back to N.Y. to play on N.Y. cable. Click to play TV spot

That's the story behind this weeks mutli-media campaign for Karts Raceway that features its 'Fright Night' venue for the Halloween Season. It all starts with seeing the spot quite by accident last October. Figured, maybe worth a call to Karts to see if they ever want to use that scary/creepy-voice for some custom media. Well, it wasn't all that easy. I'd have to say that it took almost a full year of calling indiscriminately every couple of months to finally speak with the owner and find that he would be ecstatic to use my voice for all his Halloween media and my other voices for the racetrack for the rest of the year.

It started with customizing their Tv & Radio spots to gate announcements, website audio greetings, outgoing answer machine messages to in-the-park tutorials.

By: +Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services 

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