Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tom Clifford as Ulysses S. Grant goes On-the-Road with Oregon Historical Society

I just received the link from the Oregon Historical Society's "Windows on America" project, where I voiced Ulysses S. Grant. They were happy to announce that the exhibit has finally got its walking papers and is On-the-Road as a virtual  'web-tour'.

Always wanted to be On-the-Wall...You know; click this or that and the animatronic or movie would begin to play that section of the project or show. And so, you'll find Ulysses S. Grant at the "Healing a Nation" (Civil War / Lincoln's Death) section of the tour.

To navigate to the general, put your pointer to the upper right of page and click - Virtual Photo Gallery. Scroll down to - Healing a Nation. Use the expand <-> button and click - Allow. Then pan around the screen to Lincoln's face. Whew...still there, then just click on the middle speaker button to the lower left of Lincoln's face.

To view the original post of the particulars on booking the gig, please click here: Grant goes Virtual at Oregon Historical Society

By: +Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services


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