Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Axial scale Trophy Trucks get a voice with Tom Clifford

It's Tag-Time again. Been a while and it's nice work for a few words typically at the bottom of a spot.

The folks at Axial happened on my BLOG and called me to voice a short tag line with a brand theme: Outdoor lifestyle – Jeep, camping, rat rods, motorcycles, mountain biking, hiking, King of the Hammers, rock crawling, Baja 1000.

Not being all that familiar with Axial's products, I was gettin set for the likes of a client with some sort of rumble tumble, hang gliding, parachutin - Manly Man stuff...well, sorta. Just a scaled down version. We're talkin; Radio Control Off-Road racing RV trophy trucks. And these aren't your father's 'toy trucks' either.

These trucks are actual to the real deal (albeit at 1/10 to scale) in almost every way. These RTR's have independent front suspension (IFS), functioning shock absorbers, solid rear axle, drive trains, electric 4WD and the list goes on.

Now the funny thing here is, with a tag of just so few words, the tendency is to over-emphasize almost as a (knee jerk) compensation for so little copy... to make every single word stand out. 'Course there's always the 'throw-away' approach. Which will it be. I did tough & raspy - regular, regional - young/older. Did a few with just a hit of a word or two and let the rest speak for itself. About 20 to 30 takes of just (7) words. Click to Play Spot

The Yeti™ SCORE® Trophy Truck® RTR is THE ONE that Axial has been working towards for a long time! We’ve always wanted to build a Trophy Truck®, but we first had to build a successful platform. For authenticity, it had to be solid rear axle versus the commonly accepted independent suspension all the way around. Some would consider this “going backwards.” But Axial didn’t just accept what the establishment said was the only way, we wanted true scale looks with the functionality to match. When we delivered the Yeti™ Rock Racer with its IFS front end and solid rear axle, we knew then we had the key ingredients to deliver the vehicle of our dreams - our very own solid rear axle trophy truck!


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