Saturday, April 30, 2022

Tom Clifford's VO unveils Za'atar Road's Marketplace

Za’atar Road is a curated marketplace exclusively dedicated to share with the western world a North American-based online store - offering rare and spectacular goods sourced directly from farmers and artisans who cultivate their products in the beautiful Levant region. 

We did the teaser video voice-over back in November of 2021 for Za’atar Road, opined as a direct route to the Lavant and all its verdant riches. What we tried to convey in the voice-over was the emotional aspect of the Levantine region and it's artisans, expatriates, descendants and enthusiasts with their desire and resourcefulness to provide people around the world with access to the regions authentic goods they can't find locally.

The region is rife with heritage and customs. We were asked to create a path to connect them with the world. The inspirational music track helped with setting the mood for a laid back but inspired voice-over. Hopefully, we added to the movement. And so: Za'atar Road Marketplace was Born 

Stretching along the eastern coast of the eastern Mediterranean region of western Asia, the Levant has been a crossroads of cultures for thousands of years. Art, literature, and cuisine have thrived here across generations as people shared their bountiful harvests and learnings with each other. 

Today, Za’atar Road gives the skilled craftspeople of the Levant an international market for their vast array of beneficial Mediterranean ingredients. For more than ten thousand years, the people of the Levantine region have shared the bounty of their culture. Indigenous spices, oils, honey, herbs, fruits, seasonings, and teas have been cultivated by generations of families who call the Levant home.

The Levant region is named after the French word “lever,” meaning “to rise,” and is made up of several countries and cultures along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. Everything offered at Za’atar Road is sourced directly from farmers and artisans who cultivate their products in the mountains and valleys of this beautiful, generous place. 

One thing's for sure - There's quite a broad-range of select and like totally cool items featured on the Marketplace website that are seldom seen or even published. All sorts of items, that on their own are hard to come by, but are also so rare they can act like extra garnish to dishes or beverages we already serve. Take for instance Citris Tyre Lebanese Honey or Carob Indulgence - we'll take two, please! Geez, they even have cool personal items like Arabian Oud Soap bars or Avisaine Rose Water. We can only hope that our VO does justice to all the featured choices of foods and personal products that will add to the website's success. 

Click to hear Za'atar Road voice-over


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