Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Angie Carpenter Elects Tom Clifford to Voice her Television Re-Election Campaign

This one was a trip down memory lane. Media Mechanix, Centerport, asked to include me in a list of possibles for a political tv campaign. I can do both the folksy & We-Mean-Business reads pretty well. Got lucky and was selected to be spokesperson for Islip Township's current and running-for-re-election Town Supervisor, Angie Carpenter.

Did most of my growing-up in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, which is part of the multi-town - Islip Township. All part of Suffolk County, we had 3 townships that featured beach pavilions at Lake Ronkonkoma (Long Island's largest freshwater lake); Smithtown, Islip and Brookhaven townships.

The parceling of real estate dated back to when three different Indian communities claimed lands on different shores, and these claims remained after the tribes gave separate deeds to the land under their control. The name Ronkonkoma comes from an Algonquian expression meaning "boundary fishing-lake", also earlier written as Raconkumake and Raconkamuck.

Now, I'm back representing the 1st female supervisor of Islip Township. The TV spot which will run on Long Island cable is entitled: Experience that works for you. Click on the Play button below to see which read tone was selected...folksy or WMB. It'll be a short lived gig for me...of what I hope will be a continued stay...and 'then some' for Angie Carpenter. Angie brings a lot of that experience to the job with 6 terms as County Legislator and was also elected County Treasurer.

At least now when friends ask what's new or can they hear or see something that's here on the Island, I can point to the first lady of Supervisor-ship. * (Elected Islip Town Supervisor)

By: +Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services


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