Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OmniTrans ... Freeway Express routes a smile with Tom Clifford

OmniTrans' new bus service...Freeway Express needed a jump start to the head of the line (so-to-speak) and felt a humorous slant could work with the right voice & attitude.

OmniTrans' advertising agency - Industrial Strength Advertising, auditioned 17 wannabees for the part. 
It’s a spin on “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. So after some deliberation on the voice & delivery to authenticate the premise, ISA had Will Lyman of PBS Frontline fame in mind.

Auditioned with a pretty good Lyman-esque tone and got the call 4 days afterward, that out of 17, four were paired down to yours truly. Both agency & client are in the San Bernardino, Ca. area so, we did the session via speaker phone. Worked fine. They were keeping most of the original auditioned aif file I sent in and needed some pick-ups. Got into the habit of auditioning like the real McCoy at (44.1k sample rate) and it paid off on this one. Please click Play to listen to OmniTrans - "Even the Slowest" .


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