Monday, September 28, 2015

Canobie starts off another Season with Tom Clifford

Click to Play radio spot
There's a chill in the air... over at Canobie Lake Park Screem-Fest. 

Once again it's creepy voice time as the Halloween Season creeps toward us again. Almost didn't happen with a mad rush to have a one & only summer vacation on Labor Day. But, with sketchy cell service off the boat community of Watch Hill, Fire Island and the complete understanding of the folks at Collage Advertising, we were able to pull out all the stops to transform Canobie's family theme park into a scary venue of horror! 

It's a fine line we take with the horror intensity. Voicing the spots are a sort of tongue-N-cheeck with a playful concept and tone of where Fear meets Fun tact. With venues like - Black Hollow Cove, Terror in the Corn and Canobie Hotel we get a chance to lay the creepy-voice on thick. Switching gears we'll do more of a countdown style with their ROCK-tober Fest that's chock full of tribute bands like - Fan-Halen & Led Zep-A-Gain. Thrill Rides, Petting Zoo, why it's fun for the whole family. Check 'em out in Salem, New Hampshire or online at:


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